Council & Committees

2019 Council Monthly Agenda Planner

January 8, 2019: review printed annual meeting agenda, final approval of proposed mission plan
February 26, 2019: elect officers, committee appointments, council pictures, (if needed-sign various bank cards)
April 9, 2019: review new member requests
May 21, 2019: Appoint New Council Members
June 11, 2019: Discuss appointments for call committee                                                                                                          July 9, 2019: review mid-year budget
September 10, 2019: receive Fall Stewardship report
October 22, 2019: committees submit financial requests for upcoming year by Oct. 15th, nominating committee suggestions, review new member requests; appoint nominating committee; review any governing documents changes/requests
December 10, 2019: preliminary mission plan, assign and train council for ushering Christmas Eve.

Current Board

President – Peter Bushman

Vice President – Jon Warmke

Secretary – Barb Olson-Louis

Treasurer – Ed Johnson, Jr.

Committee Liaisons:

Gifts and Memorials – Joan Brown

Building and Grounds – Barb Olson-Louis

Youth and Family Life – vacant

Stewardship – vacant

Parish Education – Robin Kohls

Witness – Lorri Johnson

Finance – Peter Bushman

Personnel – Jon Warmke

Worship – Susan Hahn

ELC Committees

Building and Grounds Committee

  • Meets same months & evening as council at 6 p.m. as needed

Gifts and Memorials

  • meets same months & evening as council at 5:30pm as needed

Parish Education

  • Meets same months & evening as council at 5:30 pm 


  • Meets as needed.


  • Meets same months & evening as council at 6:00pm as needed


  • Meets as needed

Youth and Family Life

  • Meets same months & evening as council at 5:00 p.m. as needed


  • Meets same months & evening as council at 5:30 pm as needed