Good News! Evangelical Lutheran Church has established a companion relationship with Migowi Parish in Malawi, Africa.

It is located in the south central part of the country of Malawi and is made up of 6 congregations. As partners in the Gospel we are encouraged to confess our unity in Christ by eagerly accepting the challenge to walk together in faith, resolving to pray for one another, inspiring one another, learning from one another, and sharing our faith and culture with one another. Pastors Eric enjoyed his visit to Malawi in May 2008.

Malawi Trip

ELC Sponsors ELCA Missionary Family in East Africa

Evangelical Lutheran has been sponsoring the Rev. Philip & Lou Knutson family, ELCA missionaries in Southern Africa (Madagascar, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia) With the Rev. Andrew and Barb Hinderlie’s return home from the mission field in 2014, the ELC Stewardship/Mission’s team selected the Rev. Dr. Philip and Lou Knutson, currently serving throughout Southern Africa, as our new ELC Missionaries whom we support with Missionary for a Day offerings and gifts.
Pr. Phil works as a Regional Representative partnering with companion churches, companion synods, and mission personnel throughout Southern Africa, including Malawi, the Republic of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Swaziland, Angola and Mozambique.
Pr. Phil’s hobbies include running, cycling, windsurfing, hiking and reading. Lou’s hobbies include reading, hiking and movies.
Pr. Phil and Lou plan to return to the U.S. again in the summer of 2016. A visit to ELC is planned for that time.

ELC offers an opportunity for individuals to sponsor our “Missionaries for a Day” by signing up on the yearly “Missionary for a Day” calendar in the Narthex and placing $10 in the marked envelopes. Those who participate receive recognition in the weekly bulletin.

Food PantryFood Pantry

Members and visitors alike are encouraged to bring donations of non perishable food items and place them in the “wagon” in the narthex. A volunteer from the Neighborhood Food Pantry picks up your donations each month.

ELC Provides ‘Mission Grants’ to Lutheran Campus Ministry

Beginning in 2004, Evangelical Lutheran has been providing “mission grants” to various Lutheran Campus Ministry Centers throughout the region where ELC college students are in attendance. Over the past two years, Pr. Eric has visited ELC students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of WI-La Crosse, the University of WI-Eau Claire, Winona State University. Along with these grants, Pastor Eric has invited ELC students to meet with him, be introduced to the Lutheran Campus Ministry Center’s, meet the campus pastors, and then treated them to dinner.

NW WI Synod Quarter Offering Benefits Feeding Stations in Malawi!

In 2007 the SW WI Synod of the ELCA raised over $70,000 through an annual ‘quarter offering’ which was used to fund 125 feeding station in Malawi. These feeding stations feed 50 “at risk” children in each location (125 locations) with three nutritious meal each week during the dry season in Malawi, Africa; Malawi’s annual income ranks 7th to last in the world. This program impacts and saves lives. Donations can be received through the ELC Sunday School, or by picking up a coin bank in the narthex or church office. The offering is gathered and brought to the Synod Assembly every year in early June.

“Bed Nets” for $10

Malaria is a major health threat to children in Malawi. In response to this, congregations throughout the synod have been invited to respond by buying bed nets for $10 each. In 2007, ELC gave over $900 for bed nets.

Evangelical Lutheran is a “Mission Partner” with . . .

Evangelical Lutheran provides annual benevolent gifts for the ongoing ministry and mission of the following ministries: Luther Park Bible Camp, Chetek, WI; Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin; the NW WI Synod (ELCA) Resource Center, Eau Claire, WI.